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Cooler Mash TunDomed False Bottoms -

Our patent pending 12” domed false bottom design offers a unique adjustable height dip tube.
These universal bottoms will convert any 10 gallon water cooler, converted keg, or stock pot
with 12” or greater diameter into a highly efficient mash
 Cooler False Bottom 12" False Bottom Adjustable Dip Tube
Dip tube inserted with short side down for
flat bottom water coolers and stock pot
Cooler / Stock Pot False Bottom Keg False Bottom
Dip tube inserted with long side down
reaches deep into converted beer kegs
Stainless steel stop collars above and below the false bottom allow for easy and secure depth adjustment with
provided hex key. Also includes 3/8” ID silicone tubing for attachment to any 3/8” barbed fitting.
 Also works great in the boil kettle for straining whole hops!
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