Ruby Street Brewing, LLC
Indoor Electric Brewing
Ruby Street Brewing now offers 5 of our popular models in all electric. Electric brewing is silent, economical, and safe for indoor use. Our electric systems include a full featured control panel that precisely controls heat to your HLT and Boil kettles, and allows you to monitor the temps of all 3 kettles right on the panel. The panels also include a digital brewing timer/alarm and pump control switches. On the brewery side you will find all stainless steel elements mounted to the kettles with welded in tri-clover fittings to allow super easy removal for cleaning.  Our electric brewing systems ship almost fully assembled and ready to brew.
  • Wall Mounted all stainless steel control panel
  • 6’ (4 wire) power supply cable with plug
  • 3 Digital PID Controllers for setting and monitoring your process temps
  • 1 Multi Event Brewing Timer with Alarm
  • 2 On/Off Switches for pumps
  • 2-4 Stainless steel 5500 Watt elements (depending on model)
  • 3 Temperature probes with quick disconnect cables
  • Key style power switch for secure storage
  • Locking mushroom button stops all power to elements and pumps
  • Safety Interlock Relay disables system if any switch (pump or element) is on during power-up
  • Displays temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius (user selectable)
  • Welded in tri-clover element adapters allow for easy element removal 
Please allow 6-8 weeks lead time on all complete electric systems
Electrical Requirements:
Alpha Ruby - 240 VAC / 50 Amp - Will heat HLT or boil at 100% (11kw each) , or both simultaneously at 50% power (5.5kw each)
Ruby Street Brewery; Mega Ruby; Fusion 15; Fusion 25 - 240 VAC / 30 Amp - Will heat HLT or Boil at 100% (5.5kw each)
Note:  50 Amp upgrade is available for Ruby Street Brewery, Mega Ruby, Fusion 15, and Fusion 25.  This option will allow simultaneous heating of both HLT and Boil at 100% power (5.5kw each)

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